Beiben group establishes a new development model t

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Beiben group establishes a new development model to enhance scientific research innovation

beiben group establishes a new development model to enhance scientific research innovation

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for heavy vehicle enterprises, whether they can transform depends on their R & D capabilities. Beiben Group Co., Ltd. of China Ordnance Industry Group mainly produces various heavy-duty vehicles. With the development restrictions of the state on industries with high energy consumption and high pollution, the market for such heavy-duty vehicles is also gradually shrinking

in order to develop marketable products, the company is guided by "increasing the innovation of business model and management mode" and "highlighting the core technology and driving the sales of products with the continuous development and expansion of Jinmin entrepreneurship platform" proposed by yinjiaxu, chairman of the group company, when he entered the oil tank in August, Four product development modes of "platformization, modularization, standardization and serialization" have been established. To comply with the market development, meet the needs of users, put an end to making things behind closed doors, highlight core technologies, pay attention to value creation and drive commodity sales as the core, and constantly strengthen the scientific research and innovation ability. A comprehensive vehicle R & D base of beiben heavy truck has been built, which integrates design, process, test and detection, and has the "full R & D capability" of heavy trucks. The base can meet the needs of various special heavy truck design in the market to the greatest extent. It can also expand vehicle verification and powertrain to help these fast-growing industrial industries improve efficiency and productivity, improve profitability verification, cab R & D and other capabilities

the company is one of the few heavy truck enterprises in China that can produce the fourth national diesel and LNG gas. In accordance with the requirements of the new industrial policy of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national five heavy duty truck that exceeds the national four and meets the European four standards and uses LNG clean energy has been timely developed and sold all over the country. At the same time, national five diesel vehicles are also under pre research. Today, beiben has developed more than ten new heavy vehicles with different uses and performances, which have been put on the market

through the large-scale market research activities, all Party members and cadres have a deeper understanding of the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and a more accurate grasp of the development law of the heavy vehicle market. At present, all levels of the company are united to deeply and persistently implement the systematic lean management strategy of the whole value chain of the group company, implement the hemostasis and loss reduction and capital slimming projects, and unswervingly follow the development path of quality and benefit. The strong promotion of this series of key work has laid a solid foundation for the future development of beiben

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