Beiben group focuses on the market, seeks breakthr

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Beiben group focuses on the market and seeks to break through synchronous service to create the market

beiben group focuses on the market and seeks to break through synchronous service to create the market

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. "Synchronous whole process tracking service" is a new attempt of the company to innovate the service mode to promote secondary sales. It aims to improve the delivery quality of finished vehicles, strengthen service guarantee, improve satisfaction and promote continuous sales of vehicles, and operates based on "all links of service". This means that while beiben heavy truck has made a breakthrough in "marketing integration" in recent years, it has actively complied with the "customer-centered and creating value for customers is the only reason for the existence of the enterprise" put forward by Chairman yinjiaxu of ordnance industry group in the call of spring, and has successfully achieved new results in the extension of the value chain

straighten out the ideas, set the process platform, and strengthen monitoring

the company has integrated the whole value chain systematic lean management strategy into the whole process of marketing, continuously strengthened and improved the construction of marketing system, adhered to meeting customer needs as the center, and not only created first-class products, but also created first-class services with the help of the Internet platform

the synchronous whole process tracking service aims at key contracts, key customers, key regional markets, and the opportunity that today's heavy truck enterprises are relatively lack of pre-sales services. The service center of the company shall lead the establishment of a special team, from contract review to new vehicle inspection; From end customer training to key customer file establishment; From VIP customers with lifelong continuous attention to the centralized return visit of the special team, the "tracking service of all links in the whole process" shall be achieved in the whole cycle of the vehicle

real time monitoring is a key factor of synchronous service. Considering the long service cycle and large service area span, plastic is actually a kind of adverse impact on the monitoring of specific work links of synchronous service with high molecular polymer resin as the basic component. Based on the experience accumulated over the years, the service center creatively uses the network platform for communication, and uses the convenience and timeliness of the platform to transmit information from aspects such as link monitoring, rapid scheduling, upgrading attention, technical exchange, etc, For example, the branch company can share the new car inspection, training and many field visits on the platform in the form of video or pictures, which not only realizes the effective monitoring of all links, but also can master the major fault information at the first time. From the current operation situation, the communication efficiency is greatly improved and the user satisfaction is greatly improved

focusing on system management to build a "good team"

a high-quality and efficient team is of great significance to the smooth operation of the synchronous whole process tracking service. Although the company has many years of practical experience in the new service mode and needs to timely clear some residues left after the test, how to operate the synchronous service well, the company is still fully committed with the mentality of "trembling, walking on thin ice" and actively building a high-quality management team

on the basis of the original service management mode, it puts forward requirements for service personnel on how to adapt to the changes of after-sales service mode: first, it is necessary to correctly position the role play of the service center under this mode. Secondly, starting from the establishment of a working system, the service center should strengthen the communication with spare parts companies and marketing branches, and pay attention to the linkage with business relationship member units to improve service efficiency and quality

at the same time, the company has established a five-level link from contract review, vehicle transfer, vehicle delivery, tracking service to summary and evaluation, which can make China's new material technology achievement conversion rate low management mode, and implement overall control over synchronous services. During the synchronous tracking service cycle of key contracts, in strict accordance with the requirements for new vehicle inspection, training and return visit in the administrative measures for synchronous service of key contracts, monthly ranking notifications are made to branches across the country and included in the annual overall evaluation, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the successful completion of service guarantee and promote the establishment of synchronous service of key contracts in the direction of standardization

from the rising sun to the bright stars, from the city to the mountain road, we can see the busy figure of beiben heavy truck. They use their own actions to interpret the company's commitment to "attentive service" to customers. Melting the ice and snow with enthusiastic service and the effective operation of the company's synchronous whole process tracking service will certainly help the company continuously seek new breakthroughs in the vehicle field under the new normal of the development of the heavy truck industry and the group company

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