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Udesk: launch of the "employee inquiry platform" project of China's top 500 twin group

on April 27, the launching meeting of the employee inquiry platform project of twin group was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. As an important measure of twin group to stimulate human efficiency and better serve customers, the employee inquiry platform project supported by udesk has been highly valued by the group's human resources center. The president of the human resources administration center, the general manager of the human resources administration center, the head of the human resources recruitment and allocation department, the head of the human resources sharing service department of the twins group and udesk representatives attended the project kick-off meeting

on site of the project kick-off meeting

twin group adheres to customer-centered, creates value for customers, is committed to making the family eat safe meat, and makes pig breeding easier by building the largest and best pig raising service platform in the world. As a national large-scale agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise, twin group is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the top 500 Chinese private enterprises, the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises, and the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization

twins group now has more than 200 production branches and subsidiaries in the coming period, with a total number of employees of more than 10000. Twins, in combination with the needs of enterprise development, accelerate the reform of HR shared service center, and need a solution that can provide convenient human resources shared service for employees, so as to stimulate the successful test flight of China's first self-developed domestic large aircraft C919 in Shanghai in May through technological innovation, and realize the transformation of human resources management and the upgrading of standardization and specialization of human resources services

after system selection, twins group finally chose udesk as the system supplier. Udesk will assist the twin group to further promote this work. Through the employee inquiry platform, different materials need different fixtures, which can effectively reduce the operating cost of enterprise human resources and continuously improve the efficiency of human resources

udesk will integrate the OA system, welink, and other all channels of the twin group, access them in a unified way, set up robot customer service to give priority to reception, intelligent routes to match the corresponding business seats, and intelligent work order flow transfer team collaboration will be more efficient. Data from all channels will be monitored and analyzed in a unified way, orderly integrate the original scattered work, and improve the efficiency of human resource management

the site of the project kick-off meeting

the project will systematize, standardize and automate the human resources work of the twin group through the construction of the shared service mode, so as to realize the fine, professional and autonomous management and service of human resources services. After the implementation of the shared service mode, it will help twins group achieve the following goals:

1 For the improvement of employee satisfaction, it is predicted that the annual satisfaction will be increased to 3.5 points according to industry standards

2 The precipitation of business knowledge, the knowledge and experience of business departments can be carried in the knowledge, and the improvement of business representative ability can promote the improvement of business quality

3 Through the unified inquiry service window, the one-time problem solving rate is improved

4 Through the feedback of employees' problems, we can deduce the optimization and improvement of policies

udesk, as a professional intelligent customer experience solution provider, adheres to the purpose of customer first. While providing customers with software systems, it will also provide customers with high-quality services based on their actual needs, and become the most trusted partner in the process of customer development

in the service to customers, udesk will always adhere to the maximum satisfaction of customers as the starting point; From the perspective of customers, for the sake of customers, to solve practical problems for customers, while ensuring the minimization of customer costs; Timely response, quick response, timely solve the existing alarms and faults, and carefully answer the user's questions

this project kick-off meeting was successfully held. Udesk will help twins group systematically design an employee inquiry platform, learn from the mature concept of shared service, and combine the current situation and future development orientation of twins group to bring great opportunities and guarantees for the further improvement of twins' human resource management

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