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Yaopi glass's super energy-saving insulating glass has been put into use in Chongqing. It has a wide range of dispensing.

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what other uses does a piece of glass have besides wind and light transmission? Today, yaopi glass group learned that its domestic first super energy-saving insulating glass has been put into use in Chongqing. Theoretically, it will save more than 1000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year for 100 square meters of buildings

it is reported that the "super energy-saving insulating glass" launched by yaopi glass group this time is the first in China. Combined with the respective characteristics of "low radiation coated glass" and "offline low radiation coated glass", it has outstanding advantages in heat insulation performance

a relevant person from the strategic marketing department of yaopi glass group said that under the same conditions of heat insulation and energy saving, super hollow energy-saving glass can replace the common hollow glass configuration in the market, which often adsorbs dust on the surface of some parts, so that the glass and profile materials in the building are the least and the self weight of the structure is the lightest. "

according to Professor liuzhongwei, an expert of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association, the total building energy consumption is large and increasing year by year, among which the energy consumed by glass doors and windows accounts for 40%-50% of the total building energy consumption

specifically, under the conditions of heating or air conditioning, the heat lost by a single glass window accounts for about 30%-50% of the heating load in winter, and the cooling consumed by the solar radiant heat entering the room through a single glass window accounts for about 20%-30% of the air conditioning load in summer. "Improving the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows is one of the important means to reduce building energy consumption." Liuzhongwei said

"it has been put into use in two buildings in Chongqing." The person in charge said, "in Chongqing, theoretically, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is 20 degrees Celsius. If super energy-saving insulating glass is installed, a building with a building area of 100 square meters can save more than 1000 degrees of electricity every year."

it is also understood that at present, the public buildings in our city account for about 20% of the buildings in the city. Since December 1 this year, the new version of the design standard for energy efficiency (green building) of public buildings has been implemented in the central area of the city and the public buildings under the jurisdiction of Liangjiang New Area. On the basis of revising some of the old standard provisions, some mandatory provisions have been added, such as the transparent roof area does not exceed 20% of the total roof area of the building

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