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Chengdu Huari communication successfully developed a radio receiver using Ni PXI and passed the test of the national radio monitoring center. In July, 2005, with the strong support of national instruments and Shanghai Juxing Instrument Co., Ltd. (VI service network), Chengdu Huari communication successfully developed a series of technologies with independent intellectual property rights using Ni PXI technology, The high-performance software radio receiver hr-100 broadband digital monitoring receiver has been realized, and has successfully passed the detection of the national radio monitoring center

hr-100 receiver is a product developed by Chengdu Huari based on the concept of software radio technology and virtual instrument technology, using the pxi-5660 RF receiving module (OEM 3GHz version - with optional preamplifier and preselector) of Ni company as an open hardware platform. The conclusion of the expert appraisal is: "the receiver has advanced design concept, has a number of innovations and breakthroughs in technology, has reached the international advanced level of similar products, and some indicators are at the international leading level"

hr-100 receiver is both a broadband receiver and a narrowband receiver; It is both a receiver and a signal analyzer; It is both a single channel receiver and a multi-channel receiver with extremely high performance price ratio if you have any problems in operation. Using this receiver, Huari company has successfully developed single channel and multi-channel monitoring and direction finding systems. Both single channel and multi-channel have realized 20MHz bandwidth multi signal FFT direction finding. A series of measurement functions recommended by ITU-R are realized, and various scanning characteristics, intermodulation distortion analysis, frequency and time occupation statistics and other functions are provided

Founded in 1993, Chengdu Huari Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional developer and manufacturer of radio monitoring and direction finding equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the government

Shanghai Juxing Instrument Co., Ltd. adopts international advanced testing and measurement products and technologies, and combines its professional advantages in the fields of digital signal processing, RF, audio, vibration and optoelectronic detection, to provide customers with high-quality design, R & D and professional services to calculate the elongation of low-carbon steel according to the following formula. Juxinggong baycusan? C 1010 waterborne polyurethane dispersion can be used in waterborne product design. The formulation department is a system alliance partner of Ni company

as the founder and leader of virtual instrument technology, Ni has been committed to providing enterprises in various industries in China with the best testing, measurement and automation solutions. In the communication field, Ni also maintains close cooperation with local manufacturers. Here, Ni also congratulates China and Japan for successfully developing this project and passing the test of the national radio monitoring center

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