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Chengdu has launched a special campaign to control the quality of cement packaging bags. In view of the current situation that a large number of non-standard and low-quality cement bags are used in the market, the Chengdu Ronghui development city packaging industry Office aims to thoroughly eradicate the current situation that the use of low-quality cement packaging bags causes the cement to become damp during transportation and storage, and the strength decreases, which brings hidden dangers to construction projects and seriously affects the urban environmental health, The production enterprises, user enterprises, construction sites and circulation links in the city carry out special activities to control the quality of cement packaging bags. This activity mainly starts from the following aspects:

I. extensive publicity. The importance and necessity of the national mandatory standard for cement packaging bags are widely and deeply publicized through meetings and media, and the impact of poor quality cement packaging on cement quality, construction project quality and human environment is publicized, so that the whole society knows the harm of using poor quality packaging bags and pays attention to the production and use of cement packaging bags; Improve the awareness of cement packaging bag producers and operators to operate in accordance with the law

II. Strictly implement the standard. Through publicity, implementation and training, strictly implement the national (gb9774-1996) compulsory standard for cement packaging bags, promote enterprises to consciously organize production, procurement and sales in accordance with the national compulsory standard, and require enterprises to strengthen technical transformation, strengthen process management and quality management, strive to improve product quality and provide users with qualified products. Construction enterprises purchase qualified bagged cement to ensure project quality

III. strengthen law enforcement. The municipal packaging industry office, together with the relevant municipal departments, formed a joint inspection team to conduct a comprehensive pull-up inspection on the cement packaging bag production enterprises, users, construction sites and circulation links in the second and third quarters. During the inspection, the unqualified production enterprises were inspected and required to rectify within a time limit. The unqualified ones were seriously dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations

through large-scale inspection, improve the operators' operation quality in accordance with the law, make the national mandatory standards consciously implemented in the enterprises, and squeeze the fake and inferior products out of the market. In the enterprise China standards, the plum type samples and Charpy V-shaped notch samples are mainly used to compete in an orderly manner. (Li Nengchao)


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