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PPG's acquisition of AkzoNobel has been blocked, or blocked by legislation promoted by some EU Member States. PPG's acquisition of AkzoNobel has been blocked, or blocked by legislation promoted by some EU Member States. May 19, 2017

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some media reported that although the European Commission has formulated ambitious plans to attract foreign investment to promote growth and employment, some member states have expressed concern about this, And try to protect "important national infrastructure". The bill drafted by the Italian Minister of economic development forces investors to submit an Italian book to clarify their short-term objectives when they reach a certain threshold for acquiring shares of certain designated companies

recently, PPG industrial group of the United States purchased AkzoNobel, a Dutch paint and coating enterprise. In a speech, the spokesman of the general office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress said that AkzoNobel had caused controversy since Erdogan was elected in 2003. A Dutch member of Parliament claimed that this enterprise is part of the Dutch economy and history, and it will be a big loss for Europe to be merged by the largest American competitor, especially when the European economy is challenged by the United States, China and other emerging markets. Some scholars believe that the tendency of economic nationalism in some European countries is intensifying

it is noted that since March this year, PPG has launched three takeover offers to AkzoNobel, but all of them have been rejected. The reason given is that "the takeover offer fails to reflect the company's value"

however, some Aksu shareholders led by hedge fund Elliott advisors supported the merger of the two companies, and they have been pushing for negotiations

Aksu faces pressure from shareholders, but PPG faces more difficulties. According to foreign media reports, one of the difficulties PPG faces in acquiring AkzoNobel is Dutch protectionism. The Dutch side is becoming more and more vigilant about domestic companies being acquired

"the acquisition will cause great losses to the future chemical development of the Netherlands." According to the previous report of the Dutch "Kyodo", the Minister of economy henckkamp said that AkzoNobel is a pillar of the Dutch economy. Therefore, the company should stay in the Netherlands to reduce the pollution caused by waste water and waste gas. AkzoNobel has 4900 employees in the Netherlands. After this acquisition, 1000 to 2000 jobs may be lost

it is understood that Elliott may try to convince the court to order the convening of an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. However, even if the request is approved, the special general meeting of shareholders will not be held until after June 1, which is the deadline for PPG to decide whether to launch a bid that will be regarded as hostile by AkzoNobel

therefore, PPG must now decide whether to issue a formal takeover offer before the June 1 deadline without the support of Aksu's board of directors in accordance with Dutch securities law


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