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Chengdu Huatong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Huatong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. consists of three parts: steel rolling workshop, galvanizing workshop and pipe making workshop. It has a plant of 50000 square meters, with an annual production of more than 45000 tons of threading pipes and more than 150000 tons of strip steel. The company has more than 300 employees, including 100 professional technicians and 60 middle and senior managers, It has strong technical force, tensile properties of asphalt waterproofing membrane gb/t328.8 ⑵ 007 quantity and perfect management body

with the rise of high-rise buildings in recent years, metal conduit is a kind of safety wire sleeve for laying wires in buildings. It is widely used in the electrical engineering installation of high-end buildings such as residential buildings, factories, office buildings, large shopping malls, entertainment places, etc. it has high environmental protection, safety, reliability, practicality and durability

our company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, strict national quality management system and high-quality after-sales service. Our products sell well in major cities across the country. The national standard products of gb/t13381 and 92 technical requirements for conduits for electrical installation: General requirements 14823 and 1-93 conduits for electrical installation: special requirements - metal conduits produced by our company have passed CQC certification and ISO9001, and the international certification is at the leading level in the same industry

through years of practical experience and the continuous exploration and innovation of the company's technical personnel, our company has now innovated on the basis of the original cold galvanized metal threading pipe to produce hot galvanized threading pipe. With its high corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics, this product has been favored by the majority of users since it was put on the market

the company always adheres to "the pursuit of excellent quality as the goal, high quality and perfect service as our purpose" and sincerely cooperates with you to create brilliance

if China's new material industry still lags far behind future demand in terms of variety, quality and quantity:



contact person: Li Yan

address: 3, No. 14.15, building 43, block B, Jinfu electromechanical City, Chengdu Aging resistant, high gloss ab


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