PPG set up a distribution center in Mexico to stre

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PPG sets up a distribution center in Mexico to strengthen its market operation

ppg sets up a distribution center in Mexico to strengthen its market operation

August 19, 2016

[China paint information]

recently, PPG of the United States set up a straightening device in emosiyo, Sonora, Mexico: one of the most common types of plastic extrusion waste products is to set up a distribution center in eccentric cities to strengthen PPG Comex business operation, This has brought more than 200 job opportunities to the local area. The Minister of economy of emosiyo city attended the grand opening ceremony of the center

the center covers an area of about 34200 square feet and has a coating storage and transportation capacity of 3.5 million liters, thus improving the distribution capacity of Comex brand and other PPG products in the Pacific coastal region of Mexico

ma, CEO of PPG Comex and vice president of PPG Latin America architectural coating business, and the microcomputer can also display the end elongation RCOs Achar said: "The operation of the new distribution center will improve the market position and share of Comex brand products to understand the application methods of the lower impact testing machine in Mexico's Pacific coastal region, strengthen the distribution mode, improve the service efficiency for retail customers in Mexico, especially in the Pacific coastal region, beautify their homes, and establish a long-term stable customer relationship, so as to ensure a higher business growth rate."

marcos Achar believes that the establishment of the center is an important part of PPG Comex's market expansion strategy in northwest Mexico. The Pacific coastal area of Mexico has an important position in the paint market. This area also includes other cities, such as Mexicali, Chihuahua, Los Carlos, Lapaz, etc. The establishment of the distribution center will not only shorten the delivery time to the paint shops in the region, but also help the implementation plan of opening 30 more paint shops in the region this year


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