On May 14, the acetone market price increased and

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On May 14, the acetone market price was raised and the market continued to rise steadily

East China market: affected by the increase of high-end prices, the acetone market in East China continues to improve. Some importers in Zhangjiagang do not take the initiative to make quotations for the time being. The quotations in other markets have risen to yuan/ton, and the transaction price is not lower than 8600 yuan/ton. The market has a strong upward atmosphere. The acetone market quotation in Ningbo rose to more than 8700 yuan/ton, the intended delivery price was not less than 8700 yuan/ton, and the transaction was general. The ex factory price of Gaohua was increased by 200 yuan/ton to 8300 yuan/ton

South China market: the quotation in South China acetone market continued to rise, the self offered quotation rose to about yuan/ton, and the negotiation was about yuan/ton. There were few subsequent import sources, and traders were reluctant to sell. The market transaction was normal

North China market: driven by the increase of Yanhua's ex factory price, the acetone market in North China rose. The mainstream transaction price in the surrounding areas of Yanshan rose to 8500 yuan/ton, the market atmosphere was stable and getting better, and the transaction situation was basically stable. Yanhua raised its ex factory price by 200 yuan/ton to 8350 yuan/ton

market trend analysis: due to the recent lack of imported phenol, low inventory of production enterprises, tight market resources, traders are optimistic about the future market and are reluctant to sell. The market atmosphere is good. The market is not affected by non-metallic factors such as dust. People predict that the acetone market will continue to rise slightly in the short term since the 2101st century

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