The Finance Department of China National Heavy Dut

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On November 8, the Finance Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group organized the training of financial personnel of secondary units in Jinan area in the science and technology building

the lecturer of this training is the representative of excellent financial personnel recommended by each unit and determined by the group company. Firstly, the training analyzed the development trend of financial accounting from an internal perspective. In particular, the full listing of the financial robots of the four international firms this year means that the reform of the financial industry has come. We urge and encourage everyone to keep learning, turn challenges into opportunities, and turn competitors into helpers. The training also focused on the changes in accounting standards, tax planning, the new features of taxation work in the "Internet +" era due to the unstable structure of PP and the recent tax hot spots, and emphasized the key concerns in the actual work. The whole training was very targeted and the grounding safety issues were basically based on the connection, further mobilizing the enthusiasm of everyone to participate

at the training site, the speaker's speech continuously caused heated discussion among the participants, and the whole audience continued to applaud. Everyone studied carefully and gave positive feedback, and the training achieved the expected results

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