How to use three colors for seven color printing

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How to use three colors for seven color printing

question: if three colors are used for seven color printing

answer: the use of enhanced grey component substitution (GCR) enables us to obtain good color printing effect by using only three different adding angles in the seven color printing process, and will not cause color changes. Suppose we define Black as the main color, and its additive angle is 45. The other six colors: cyan, blue, magenta, red, yellow and green will add 165 and 105 angles in turn. In this way, we can use three colors to produce various hues. They are black that provides gray components for the image and two adjacent colors

for example, we can use black and red and yellow to produce all printable colors between red and yellow. On the premise that the maintenance of the tensile testing machine and the quenching of the essence with the processing waste heat will not cause color difference, we can add up to 10% of the supplementary colors to deepen the color effect. In essence, only three colors are needed to print a certain area in an image

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