The road of Yiji group was opened to traffic and s

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Recently, China Ordnance Industry Group Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. relied on the advantage of cutting speed in the processing process of the core technology of military general assembly, independently developed and produced roads were opened to traffic and sent to users for practical exercises

this product is another military civilian integration product independently developed after the fire tank series and Jin min also customized and developed noble, high-end and colorful non spray material mobile anti riot cabin for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging. The research and development of this product has added a new weapon to the emergency equipment for rescue and road access, and filled a number of domestic gaps. The road grab is composed of a tank armored chassis and an excavator shovel arm. It is equipped with a breaking hammer, a 30 ton non leakage drag winch and a high thrust obstacle removal shovel. It has the characteristics of high protection performance, good cross-country performance, strong power and strong mobility. (this article is from Yiji group)


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