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How to skillfully use the scanner to scan wonderful content (Part 1)

for friends who are "in close contact" with the scanner every day, the scanner seems to have no secret, which is nothing more than the four steps of turning on the power, warming up the scanning, finalizing the scanning and generating documents. I believe that many friends have already understood each step; However, it is not enough to be familiar with the above four steps if you want to scan out the highlights, because with the different scanning contents, the work to be done before the final scanning is also different; Only through the surface phenomenon of the four steps, we can make targeted settings for different scanning contents, so as to make the wonderful scanning of different contents come out. If you don't believe me, please come and have a look at the following content. How can it be scanned out

one of the highlights is to generate a letter effect

the "letter effect" mentioned here is to scan the original contents into an image effect that meets the requirements of the letter through the scanner. Since the scanner will not automatically generate this effect in the default state, we need our users to set the scanning parameters according to the characteristics of official documents and letters in public before the formal finalization scanning. Considering that the fonts and images on official documents and letters are mainly black and white, we can use the scanner's character recognition system to recognize the contents of the original into black and white images, so as to achieve the purpose of scanning. When scanning with this effect, we can follow the following steps:

first, turn on the scanner power and preheat it for a certain period of time, and then place the original content on the flat glass plate of the scanner according to the correct placement method

second, start the scanning application, open the scanner parameter setting window, and set the "scanning mode" to the "black and white" option in the setting window

third, if there are images in the original content, you can set the "scanning mode" of the tensile testing machine equipped with a 3-wire power plug to the "gray" option, which can ensure a good effect of image scanning; Of course, once the scanner works in the gray mode, we must ensure that the black and white points are properly positioned, otherwise the image tone information in the original content will be recognized unevenly, which will affect the final scanning effect

fourth, if the original content is all text information, you'd better use professional OCR character recognition tools to recognize all the characters in the original, and then use tool software such as word to directly arrange these recognized characters into public letters, so as to generate the most ideal letter effect; Of course, in order to enable the scanner to accurately recognize the text in the original, you must set the appropriate scanning resolution and scanning brightness in the OCR recognition tool interface to avoid hyphenation or errors in the scanned text

second, generate page image effect

the "page image effect" mentioned here refers to the image effect of scanning the contents of the original into an image that meets the page release requirements through a scanner; As the page release requires that the image resolution should be grouted twice to ensure that the bolt embedding accuracy is not too high and the image size is not too large. However, the image file generated by the scanner in the default state is often several megabytes in size, which is not suitable for quick browsing of the page. Therefore, we need to set the resolution of the scanner and customize the scanning range of the original content before formally scanning the image, To ensure that the resulting image looks clear and compact. To meet the above requirements, you may as well refer to the following steps:

first, according to the previous operating steps, turn on the scanner, place the scanning original, start the scanning application, and then open the scanner parameter setting window

second, click the "image resolution" function button in the setting interface with the left mouse button. In the parameter setting window that pops up later, you will see that the resolution used by the scanner in the default state is "300ppi", but the scanning resolution will make the scanned image "body" very bloated. Therefore, you'd better modify the value to "72ppi", Because at this resolution, the scanner can not only scan the image clearly, but also make the generated image "change the elastic modulus of the body" small and exquisite

third, preview the contents of the original in the scanning parameter setting window, and accurately select the contents to be output in the original in the "image output" of the corresponding interface, or directly input the digital to customize the final output size of the image. In this way, all invalid parts of the original content can be filtered out without scanning, thus improving the scanning efficiency, It also ensures that the size of the image file generated after scanning is not too large

fourth, after completing the above parameter setting task, you can scan the final draft; After the final scanning, the generated image file format is usually TIFF or BMP format, but the image size of these formats is usually relatively large, which is not suitable for publishing on. For this reason, when the scanner is used to successfully scan the original contents into images, you must also use professional image tools such as Photoshop to process the scanned images into GIF format or JPG format files. In this way, you can achieve the effect of clear and compact images. When such images are released on the web, visitors can quickly browse the image contents even if the bandwidth resources are very limited


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