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How to use the screwdriver set and the precautions

Abstract: as we all know, the screwdriver is a tool used to tighten and loosen screws, and it has cross shaped, straight shaped and other types, so consumers will choose the screwdriver set when purchasing. How to use the screwdriver set? What are the purchase considerations

precautions for screwdriver set

due to the fine workmanship of screwdriver set, good hardness and high quality of screwdriver head, it will not break or deform easily in the process of use. The high-quality screwdriver handle adopts anti-static design to improve operability and prevent sliding and tooth falling off during use. And all the cutter heads are magnetic, which can not only firmly absorb the handle, but also pull the screws. In order to make people use it more quickly and conveniently, the bottom box adopts a separate design

how to use the screwdriver set? In general, the head of a high-quality screwdriver is made of a spring with high hardness. Therefore, when using the screwdriver, it is necessary to align the end of the screwdriver with the pit on the top of the screw, fix it, and then use the force theory of the wrist to rotate it with practice. However, the specifications of screws are different, so before using, you need to select a suitable screwdriver from the screwdriver set

in order to make the screwdriver used for a long time and long service life, some measures should be taken for maintenance before and after use. For example, when grinding the blade of a screwdriver, it must be correct and keep both sides parallel. If it is tapered, it will affect the effect of use and slide out of the notch. In addition, the head of the screwdriver should not be worn too thin. Be careful when grinding to avoid overheating and softening the sharp edge

what are the precautions for purchase? If the screwdriver will screw out the screw, it means that it is not a high-quality screwdriver. The reason for saying so is that its accuracy is not enough. The pressure is exerted on the force bearing surface between the screw groove and the cutter head, resulting in excessive force and damage to the screw. So when choosing a screwdriver, we should not only look at its toughness, but also its hardness, price and brand

the above is how to use the screwdriver set, as well as the precautions for purchase and maintenance skills. I believe it will help you to avoid trouble in purchase and use

as we all know, a screwdriver is a tool used to tighten and loosen screws, and it can be understood in the form of a cross or a straight line. Therefore, consumers will choose a screwdriver set when buying. How to use a screwdriver set? What are the purchase considerations? Now let's learn about 2016


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