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The road of marketization of domestic high-end machine tools is difficult and tortuous. It is believed that readers who understand the machinery industry will not be unfamiliar with this word. This word has also been repeatedly mentioned by the heads of different industry associations on various conference occasions

and the machine tool is the hardest hit area. There is no other reason, because the machine tool is the mother machine of the equipment industry. Other industries, such as heavy machinery and automobile industries, which are not competitive, can whip the whip on the machine tool equipment, saying: the equipment is not good, so it will affect the play

but this obviously can not be established. After all, it is well known that in the past, the automobile industry was equipped with machine tools of foreign brands

of course, this is not enough to cover up the problems existing in China's machine tool industry. After all, it is an indisputable fact that the annual import amount of machine tools has been high

high end war

a person in charge of an enterprise said that when judging whether a country's machinery industry is strong, people care about the performance of several aspects. For example, whether they have mastered the core technology of independent intellectual property rights; Whether it has strong technical capability of major equipment; Whether it has a high share of high-end equipment, and whether the variety and quality of its mainstream technical equipment are in a leading position in the world

yes, according to this evaluation standard, the gap in the machine tool industry is indeed large, especially in the high-end machine tool market, which makes the insiders lack confidence. It has been rare to have exciting news

due to the indisputable existence of NC machine tools, the mother of industry, China can not make complete independence in manufacturing many high-end products. Efficient automobile engines, aircraft engine turbine disks, aircraft fuselages, nuclear power plant components, high-speed train heads, etc., all depend on foreign machine tools to varying degrees

for example, the machining of engine blades must be extremely accurate to ensure its normal operation under high temperature and high pressure. The blades present complex curved surfaces, and must be machined by a five axis linkage machine tool with high speed, ultra precision and powerful power. The same is true of the blades of nuclear power and gas turbines

the high-precision lens required by the electronic industry and other fields, as well as the processing of missile seeker, also need ultra precision five axis linkage machine tools; Aircraft webs and wings need ultra-high speed machine tools; Large aircraft and nuclear power plant components require large presses; The manufacturing of composite materials for aerospace needs wire laying machines. In all areas where China's manufacturing industry is relatively weak, the lack of machine tool processing capacity is the most critical obstacle

in the face of these, domestic high-end CNC machine tools are obviously short of gas. However, it should be noted that the meaning here is not the lack of a single high-end machine tool, but the lack of a large number of highly competitive products for the industrialization and marketization of high-end machine tools. Of course, this statement now needs to be annotated. Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is different

on July 11, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. announced that it had won the large stamping line project of Ford Motor's Kentucky plant in the United States again after it won the orders for all five large stamping production lines from Ford Motor's two plants in Kansas and Detroit in the United States in 2011

it is reported that the factory has been using two stamping production lines made in Germany. This time, Ford chose made in China

to ensure the test accuracy of the experimental force, people engaged in the machine tool industry understand the significance of the automobile market for metal cutting machine tools. According to years of historical experience, nearly half of the general domestic metal cutting machine tools are supplied to the automotive industry. But sadly, the domestic machine tool industry has rarely been able to enter key areas such as engine production lines. In China, most of the equipment required for the four major processes (stamping, welding, painting and final assembly) need to be imported

by analyzing the successful experience of Jinan No.2 machine tool, we can easily find that the reason why it can win glory for domestic machine tools in the international market is related to its successful matching in the domestic automobile market. After all, Jinan No. 2 machine tool occupies more than 80% of the market share in the field of domestic automotive CNC stamping equipment

we are also very clear that many leading enterprises in China's automobile industry have the background of joint venture, which has also laid the foundation for Jinan No.2 machine tool to go global, so that foreign automobile giants can purchase their products with confidence

in recent years, the state has given many encouraging policies to the machine tool industry to support domestic machine tool enterprises to make efforts in the high-end market. For example, according to the special plan for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, by 2020, about 80% of the high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment required for aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and power generation equipment manufacturing will be based in China

who is the main undertaker of these? The answer is undoubtedly the leading enterprise in each sub industry. Most of these are the beneficiaries of major special policies

of course, through the demonstration of major transformation achievements in recent years, we have indeed seen the emergence of a large number of excellent achievements, and its single technical index is also commendable. The only regret is that there is not enough marketization and industrialization. In other words, there is not enough quantity

who's wrong

there are many reasons for this situation, most of which are that small and medium-sized customers can't afford it, while large enterprises dare not

the former is easy to understand. As high-end CNC machine tools are expensive, although the price has advantages over similar imported products, it is also a large expenditure simply in terms of high prices. There is no way. The key parts of our machine tool are imported from abroad, and the cost itself is very high. A business person was helpless

however, even the simplest parts must reach a certain degree of precision once they are used in precision machine tools. The functional components required by CNC machine tools, such as bearings, pendulums and gratings, are difficult to produce first-class products in China. Therefore, the brand configuration is often restricted for these customers

the most common parts, such as lead screws, guide rails and cutters, have not been improved. For Chinese enterprises committed to building high-end CNC machine tools, these costs are helpless

therefore, we can't blame the domestic machine tool manufacturers for not working hard. In fact, since last year, the demand of the domestic machinery industry has officially become a member of the world's top aviation material supplier club and the first domestic aluminum plate manufacturer with four doors and two covers for passenger cars. The growth has shown a slowing trend. Many machine tool enterprises with sensitive touch have felt that with the transformation and upgrading of China's national economy, The explosive growth period of demand at the initial stage of industrialization is about to pass, and various industries will have higher and higher requirements for equipment level and quality. China's high-end CNC machine tool market will become a must for strategists

in this atmosphere, transformation and upgrading have become a consensus. The next step is how to turn, which direction to turn, and how to solve any practical operation problems by users

it is the most irrational behavior to complain about users' non adoption. After all, users are God. Users are wrong. So what remains is just how to fight for opportunities

key projects may be the first place for enterprises to recommend high-end products, because their demonstration benefits are obvious. However, it is an indisputable fact that there are many competitions and the threshold is high

for this reason, some enterprises put forward the idea of putting machine tool products into the factory for free trial to the bidding enterprises in the early stage, so as to gain the trust of customers

however, this is only a point-to-point trick. The best way to arouse repercussions in the industry may be to provide a plan for the whole production line, but it is obviously not at the same level as the difficulty of single machine supply. The latter requires the improvement of all-round capabilities of enterprises. Therefore, this is also an important reason why key enterprises in the industry need to take the lead in the high-end domestic machine tool industry

however, for domestic machine tool enterprises, the good news is that in recent years, the state has formulated a series of policies in the areas of bidding and procurement of major construction projects to encourage the improvement of localization level. It is stipulated that the localization rate of relevant products must reach a certain index before they can participate in the bidding of major construction projects and enjoy the tax rebate for imported parts

falsely high localization rate

however, as we often say, there are upstream policies and downstream countermeasures

in the face of the Chinese market with strong demand, some overseas multinational companies have taken countermeasures to bypass China's localization rate review and occupy China's high-end market

take other industries as an example. In the field of wind power equipment, the state requires that the localization rate of wind turbine manufacturing should reach more than 70% to participate in the bidding of wind power projects. However, some foreign-funded enterprises entering China's wind power market can successfully pass the localization rate review and get wind power construction projects by setting up local factories, establishing joint ventures, or providing suppliers with licenses and drawings. The localization rate has become the local supply rate of fan parts, rather than the real state-owned intellectual property ratio. The key core technology has not been mastered by Chinese local enterprises

in the field of nuclear power, the state vigorously promotes the localization of nuclear power technology and equipment, and has clear requirements on the localization rate of equipment, which objectively urges the project owners to give priority to purchasing domestic products when purchasing nuclear power equipment. However, through joint venture and cooperation with local enterprises, overseas nuclear power equipment enterprises can meet the localization requirements of China's nuclear power equipment procurement. But in fact, such cooperation often does not really involve the transfer of core technology, which is still in the hands of foreign parties

it can be said that the focus of such Sino foreign cooperation is tacit, that is, to make the joint venture products bear the label of localization and participate in the construction project bidding openly. However, if the localization label is stripped off, the core is still a genuine imported product, and after these twists and turns, it will not be localized

under this multi-party struggle, the prototype developed by many enterprises has become a masterpiece. Although in the previous reports, products such as filling the domestic gap and reaching the international advanced level emerge in endlessly, the reports on product marketization are indeed rare

in fact, today, when China's machine tool manufacturing industry is not so lacking in high-end technology or high-end products, it is obviously unfair to attribute the design ability and technical level to the fact that imported machine tools are still easy to operate and monopolize China's high-end market

in contrast to the vigorous emphasis on R & D and design, there is a widespread phenomenon of light manufacturing and light process in China's machine tool manufacturing industry. This is closely related to the scale impulse that was difficult for enterprises to contain in the past period of time, making enterprises very impetuous

for example, in order to take the lead, some enterprises, regardless of whether the process is perfect, whether the process is reasonable, whether the processing equipment is in place, and whether the technicians are suitable, are eager to industrialize and seize the market on a large scale once the new products pass the appraisal, lest they lose the first opportunity. The result is often counterproductive, causing a lot of boos

in this way, it is inevitable that serious diseases will not be committed and minor diseases will continue. As a direct result, the necessary reliability of machine tool products has become unreliable. When users buy a domestic medium and high-end CNC machine tool only for a cheap price, they expect that the high-end but not high-quality domestic CNC machine tool will completely replace the import, which has become an extravagant hope

as long as the manufacturing process is still short, the high-end technology will shrink and the high-end design will be discounted. Therefore, to really make消化不良可以吃益生菌吗

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