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On May 23, the handover ceremony of the "the Belt and Road · development road" Mongolian Agricultural machinery equipment procurement project was held in Ulaanbaatar. Relevant leaders of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, the Ministry of agriculture, food and light industry of Mongolia Dealers and end users in Mongolia participated in the event. Large agricultural equipment products such as tractors and agricultural machines and tools with a value of 180million yuan provided by Lovol heavy industries were delivered to local users, which is the third single order with a value of more than 100 million yuan since Lovol heavy industries' first batch of orders from the Mongolian government

leaders present at the delivery ceremony of the "the Belt and Road • development road" agricultural machinery equipment procurement project in Mongolia took a group photo with users

Mongolia is one of the first countries to support and participate in the construction of the "the Belt and Road". In 2013, China put forward the "the Belt and Road" initiative, while Mongolia put forward the "grassland road" initiative for the work of solidifying the metal castings with the shape, size and performance of the lake in 2014. In 2016, in order to pay more attention to and better connect with the "the Belt and Road", Mongolia upgraded the development strategy of "grassland road" to "development road". With the acceleration of the strategic docking between China's "the Belt and Road" and Mongolia's "road of development", the road of agricultural cooperation between China and Mongolia is becoming wider and wider

Ambassador xinghaiming of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia introduced that in recent years, China has vigorously supported Mongolia's infrastructure construction and major livelihood projects to promote Mongolia's economic and social development. The successful delivery of the agricultural machinery cooperation project will play a positive role in accelerating the modernization of Mongolia's agriculture and animal husbandry, promoting the cooperation between the two countries in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, and will also enhance the well-being of the Mongolian people, which is the embodiment of the profound friendship between the Chinese and Mongolian people

ambassador xinghaiming of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia and other relevant leaders visited Lovol agricultural equipment

as a leading enterprise of domestic agricultural equipment, it is also the only enterprise in China that can provide the whole process mechanized solutions of "farming", "planting", "management", "harvesting", "storage" and "transportation" for modern agriculture. Lovol heavy industries and the Mongolian government are also constantly upgrading their continuous cooperation in the field of agricultural machinery and agriculture. Lovol products have been highly recognized by the Mongolian government and users by virtue of their excellent quality, high cost performance, perfect supporting services and high local popularity, and have become the main force of local agricultural and animal husbandry production and construction

as the first agricultural machinery enterprise to enter Mongolia, 2012 paved the way for our customers to reduce the total production cost and end use cost to the greatest extent. Lovol heavy industries obtained the "first" agricultural machinery order in New China - the order of 8400 tractors and 8400 agricultural machinery tools from the Mongolian government. In 2015, Lovol heavy industries won the purchase order for agricultural machinery from the Mongolian government again, including orders for 150 high-power tractors, 60 combine harvesters and 100 agricultural machinery, with a value of RMB 100million. In view of the good performance of Lovol products in Mongolia in recent years, Lovol tractors and agricultural machinery won the third Mongolian government bidding for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment with excellent product quality and service, and won the Mongolian government purchase order for tractors and agricultural machinery and equipment worth 180million yuan

changjiamao, deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industries, said, "Mongolia has chosen Lovol products for three consecutive times, which proves the trust of the Mongolian government and people in Lovol brand. Mongolia is one of the important countries along the" the Belt and Road ". We hope to help drive the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Mongolia and contribute to the development of countries and regions along the" the Belt and Road "with our own technology and product advantages."

after the order was obtained, Lovol heavy industries immediately established a special project working group to make detailed arrangements in product resource preparation, parts procurement, production organization, quality control, packaging, logistics and shipping, so as to ensure that Lovol products are delivered to users on schedule. According to the climate characteristics of Mongolia with large temperature difference, the cab model equipped with heating and air conditioning is specially recommended to make the operator more comfortable; According to the characteristics of heavy sandstorm, an air purification device with dry and wet two-stage air filter is developed, which effectively reduces the early wear of the engine, and the product is more adaptable to the territorial needs and more "grounded". In order to adapt to long-distance railway transportation, Lovol heavy industries has also prepared a complete set of anti-collision and scratch treatment scheme to avoid impact on product appearance and quality during shipment

in addition to delivering ordered products with high quality on schedule, Lovol heavy industries also provides customers with complete and efficient service parts support. For this project in Mongolia, Lovol heavy industries selected skilled and experienced personnel from the service team to form a service team. Before shipment, Lovol heavy industries went to Mongolia to carry out local user training on product theoretical knowledge, sort out storage land, and establish parts warehouse, which provided a strong guarantee for the use of the delivered products

Ulan, Minister of the Ministry of agriculture, food and light industry of Mongolia, introduced that "in recent years, China has provided a lot of support and help for the development of Mongolian agriculture and animal husbandry without screw and other models. Now it is the beginning of Mongolian spring farming. Lovol agricultural machinery and equipment from China are in place in time, which will greatly accelerate the progress of spring sowing. I believe that the harvest of Mongolian farmers and herdsmen will be better this year."

the representative of local agricultural machinery users in Mongolia said, "Lovol agricultural machinery and equipment purchased from China are reliable in quality and excellent in performance. They are a good helper for our farmers to grow livestock. We hope to expand the scale of cooperation with Lovol heavy industries and other Chinese enterprises, so that more and more Mongolian farmers can use Chinese agricultural machinery, improve their income and improve their lives."

users in Mongolia drive Lovol tractors

in recent years, Lovol heavy industries has been continuously involved in infrastructure construction, resource development and other activities in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries along the the Belt and Road, taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, while orderly promoting the upgrading of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service capacity in the whole value chain. It has successively obtained large orders from the governments of Mongolia, Algeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Sri Lanka and other countries, so that high-quality products and services, advanced management experience and technology can benefit more countries and regions and create social and economic value for the local areas

Lovol heavy industries has won large overseas orders in overseas business, which is inseparable from its technological innovation system synchronized with the world. In recent years, Lovol heavy industries has actively explored the development mode of "global R & D, global manufacturing and distribution". Through strategic layout of global resources, Lovol heavy industries has continuously increased investment in scientific and technological innovation, integrated international high-end human and technological resources, and built a global R & D system. Through overseas mergers and acquisitions of high-end and high-quality resources such as Arbos and matmark, a perfect global R & D and innovation platform has been formed, so that the core technology of the product can be synchronized with the world

at the same time, Lovol heavy industries has established cooperation with governments, agricultural enterprises and local dealers in more fields, including technical support, talent exchange and technical training. It has built more than 300 global marketing service networks covering more than 120 countries and regions, integrating "sales, service, parts supply, user training and information feedback", and built a global distribution system

Chang Jiamao said that the successful implementation of overseas large order projects has provided a number of practical and reliable products for countries along the "the Belt and Road" and will further promote local infrastructure construction and agricultural modernization. In the future, Lovol heavy industries will continue to strengthen deeper strategic cooperation with neighboring countries to further enhance the status and influence of made in China in the international market


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