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The final of the "benchmarking and quality improvement" knowledge competition of the company ended.

the final of the "benchmarking and quality improvement to verify the quality of materials" knowledge competition of the company ended.

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on the afternoon of August 14, the final of the "benchmarking and quality improvement" knowledge competition of the company was held as scheduled in conference room 1202. Company leaders wuzhenghe, zhangzemin, guoyandong and Ma Mingren watched the whole competition

the competition was jointly organized by the party masses work department, human resources department, enterprise management department and Quality Department of the company, and specifically undertaken by the Youth League Committee of the company. Since the opening of the competition on July 21, 30 teams from the company's 10 processing and exclusion departments from the following three aspects have conducted five preliminary matches and one semi-final. After fierce competition, 7 teams have entered the finals

the final is divided into five links: individual must answer, team must answer, rush to answer, common answer and risk question. It focuses on the systematic knowledge of quality management system, benchmarking team and process man hour. The question types include blank filling questions, short answer questions, case analysis questions and calculation questions. The players on the field cooperated with each other and answered the questions carefully. The audience off the field was enthusiastic and clapped like thunder. The whole competition process was intense and exciting. The interaction session aroused the enthusiasm of the staff on the scene. The atmosphere on the scene was very warm

at last, the first and second teams of the general assembly team won the first place with almost perfect performance; The first-line assembly team, the second-line assembly team and the test line assembly team won the second prize; The third line assembly team, grinding and processing team and engineering machinery processing team won the third prize. The assembly department won the excellent organization award for its effective organization, many participating teams and excellent performance of each participating team. After the final, trophies and bonuses were presented to the winning teams

wuzhenghe, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, made an important speech at the scene. He congratulated the "benchmarking and quality improvement" knowledge competition for its complete success, and praised the type of competition questions closely linked to the company's current important work and on-site management practice. The participating teams were well prepared and answered questions enthusiastically, which fully demonstrated the good spirit of big teeth employees and carried forward the corporate culture of big teeth. At the same time, it is hoped that more employees will actively participate in the "year of brand, quality and benefit", memorize their knowledge, practice their work, gather positive energy, and make contributions to the sustainable and stable development of the company

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