How to use the vibration testing machine

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How to use the vibration testing machine

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1. place the test product at the center of the shaking table

2. loosen the nut on the positioning bar with a wrench

3. beat and move with both hands in parallel to clamp the test product, Tighten the nut

4. turn on the power supply

5. turn on the console power switch (left off, right on)

6. press the start key of the starting motor (the green light is on)

7. adjust the timer (00m00/min) (00m00/h)

for example: the annual working time of 05m00 requires more than 1000 tons of high-pressure polyethylene regeneration particles for 5 minutes (automatic shutdown)

01h00 working time is 1 hour (automatic shutdown)

8. the regulator accelerates from left to right

precautions: the minimum speed is not less than 100 revolutions

the maximum speed is not more than 300 revolutions

9. after the test, press the stop key (the red light is on) to power off the motor

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