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The road of Shanhe intelligent wealth creation enters Fujian Province -- Fuxing Gaozhao

the road of Shanhe intelligent wealth creation enters Fujian Province -- Fuxing Gaozhao

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[editor's note]: as one of the world's top 50 construction machinery enterprises, Shanhe intelligent takes "being the creator of world value in the field of equipment manufacturing" as its mission and vision. Over the past 15 years, it has complied with laws and regulations, adhered to independent innovation, and formed a partnership with customers A good development situation of symbiosis and win-win with all sectors of society. Customers are the most valuable wealth of Shanhe development in the past 15 years. As the 15th anniversary of Shanhe is approaching, we have visited the whole country and even all over the world to explore the footprints of Shanhe and its customers for common development and common prosperity

the road of intelligent wealth creation by mountains and rivers enters Fujian Province - lucky stars are shining

Fujian is located in the coastal area, and the overseas Chinese economy is developed. Young people in the whole countryside often go abroad to work. According to incomplete statistics in 2012, 10.88 million overseas Chinese living abroad in Fujian Province. Fujian people love doing business. Fujian businessmen are well-known all over the country. According to the 2013 Hurun wealth report, Fujian has 39200 millionaires with assets of more than ten million, ranking sixth in the country. On average, one in 941 people is a multimillionaire. In rural areas, there are millions of people everywhere

on the other hand, although the people of Fujian have been willing to cross the sea for a long time, they have a strong local concept and a deep-rooted traditional concept of returning to their roots. Therefore, many people in Fujian often build a set of high-end villas in their hometown after making money to buy houses in other places. Even if they can't live in their own homes, the houses are built more and more magnificent, and the styles are in full bloom: French romantic style, British elegance, Greek grandeur, etc., which are dazzling and expensive

this has also brought infinite business opportunities to the local construction machinery market, and Xuewen was keenly aware of the commercial potential. Xuewen grew up in a small fishing village in Fujian. In his early years, his family was poor. At the age of 15, he chose to go out to make a living. His early exposure to the well-being of people made him grow up quickly

he is optimistic about the development of the auto parts industry. He has made steady progress in this industry, and then opened his own auto parts store in Nanchang. At first, the company made a lot of profits, but with the increasing competition, the profits gradually declined. During the Spring Festival in 2013, Xuewen returned to his hometown in Fujian for the new year. He found that there were many villas in his hometown, and the construction market was booming. He didn't even have a few days off for the new year. Xuewen is curious. He often wanders around the construction sites in the village to see the situation

Xue Wen found that most construction sites use manual hole digging technology, which is inefficient and has great potential safety hazards. He once again smelled new business opportunities. So he began to inquire about the relevant equipment around, and wanted to replace manual operation with machine operation

in September, 2013, Shanhe intelligent held an equipment exhibition in Fujian. Xuewen first saw the excellent performance of Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig at the exhibition site. After several considerations, he purchased the first Shanhe intelligent swdm15h rotary drilling rig in November, 2013

when the machine entered the village, it was a big event in this simple small fishing village. Many villagers came out to watch this expensive and huge "monster", and more people poured cold water on it while smacking their tongues. Relatives and friends thought that Xue Wen was fooling around and investing a lot. In the end, he must have lost a lot of money. Xuewen listens to the sobs around him every day. He bites his teeth and doesn't respond

at this time, the manufacturer delivered another olive branch to Xuewen. He not only actively provided the construction scheme for Xuewen, but also selected excellent technicians and after-sales service to guide the construction on site, and completed the foundation construction of the first villa

"the project was done quickly and economically, which attracted the onlookers and discussions of the villagers. But this time they all said that the machine was good." Xuewen said with a smile

and this has also become a major turning point in his business. In the past, he took the initiative to go out to contact the business, but now at the same time, six construction sites have come to the door for consultation, and the business seems to have been opened directly overnight. The machine is basically running at full capacity. Soon, one equipment can no longer meet the requirements of business growth. Xuewen had the intention to buy the machine again, and chose Shanhe intelligence without hesitation

the road of Shanhe intelligent wealth creation has entered Fujian Province - Fuxing Gaozhao

"in my most difficult time, the manufacturer has always provided" nanny "after-sales service, and now my business reputation has been established, and people can't forget their roots." Xuewen said earnestly. In 2, different products are made of a variety of materials. In late December 2013, a Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling swdm15c rig was ordered again. He disclosed that since the construction of the first equipment in April, it has made a total profit of more than 1million. "Shanhe intelligent rotary excavator is my lucky star. It is no exaggeration to say that what goes down is an iron bucket and what goes up is gold."

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